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In an era of digitalization, almost all practical information and the knowledge which is exchanged within daily life practices can be found online. However, people still seek common areas where they can be more creative and productive while using their own intellectual capacities for their own good. Although there can be several co-working spaces and study cafes in urban cities, only public libraries would be able to connect people with international research groups while offering a broad range of collections, databases, online journals, digital archives and DVDs even. Therefore, being able to use the physical capacities of public libraries and benefiting from their knowledge management systems is an elusive opportunity that all citizens desire. On our newly developed platform, we emphasize the positive impact of public libraries upon people while touching several related topics.

Center of Knowledge and Wisdom: Public Libraries in Canada

The establishment of public libraries in Canada goes back to the end of 1700. People’s right to learn and attain correct information has always been protected and encouraged in Canada. Therefore, it can be stated that the concepts such as research, intellectual capacity, intelligence and creativity have always been supported in Canada. Because of this strong tradition on researching and learning in society, Canadian public libraries have continuously received funds from trusts and foundations. On our newly developed platform, the topics which we touch on related to Canadian public libraries are the following:

  • Most popular public libraries in Canada: Which public libraries are most visited in Canada? Which one of them possesses the best interior design and the most significant collection? Answers to these questions are in our article.
  • The history and ongoing development of public libraries in Canada: Almost all public libraries in Canada have an exciting story. Explore the history of Canadian public libraries with our article.
  • Online learning platforms which can be used in public libraries: In an era of digitalization it is so easy to enrol at online classes and develop your skills according to your desires and career interests. Read our article on free online courses and multiple online learning platforms.
  • Teaching kids how to read and write: How do kids make their first step in the adults’ world? How should parents teach their children how to read and write? Tips and tricks are in our article.
  • Most recently updated methods for becoming a librarian in Canada: If the libraries are your favourite places in town, then why don’t you consider becoming a librarian? We provide an article on critical steps in becoming a librarian and enjoying your career.

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