Guide to free online learning websites

Receiving a high-quality, high school education or a bachelor’s degree might not be possible for everyone. However, this does not mean that people wouldn’t be able to reach available information and develop their skills further. As an era of digitalization, people have easy access to a diversity of resources and databanks. Therefore, it is so easy for people to develop new skills or refurbish their practical knowledge on a specific topic which they have gained from daily life practices. Learning a new language, investing in learning required office software, exploring different strategies in digital marketing, or only learning how to cook or take pictures with a professional camera can all be achieved. Since the number of web-based resources increases dramatically every day, the barriers to access correct information and proper training on a specific topic are diminishing. Here is a short list of free online learning platforms and how to reach them.

Everything Goes Online, So Does Education: Free For Everyone

There has undoubtedly never been a time when it was easier to satisfy human curiosity and the willingness to learn further than now, thanks to the recent developments in IT technology and web-based digital platforms. Wi-fi cafes, coworking spaces with unlimited internet, public libraries and community spaces are all equipped with the internet connection, which destroys barriers to free and high-quality education. One only needs to have good quality and fast track internet connection to join these free online courses and receive certificates upon completion of the classes. Here are some platforms which offer free online courses for everyone:

  • Lynda Online Courses: With the co-operation of experts and Linkedin, now it is possible to learn what you lack in your business life. From Excel to Photoshop, from AutoCAD to 3D animation, from Powerpoint to Publisher, Lynda offers a variety of online courses for those who are interested
  • Udemy: If you are a technology driven person who is pretty much interested in data analytics, machine learning, coding, digital marketing and online retail, then the free courses offered by Udemy might be beneficial for you. The classes are designed and provided with the collaboration of Google, Amazon and Facebook
  • Coursera: Number one online learning platform of the globe. Not only universities but also museums and research organizations contribute to the resource pool of this platform
  • Academic Earth: Offering the elusive opportunities of the academic environment, this platform makes it easier for everyone to find the school and the free courses from a variety of topics
  • Code Academy: If you are a computer-driven person who would like to be a great developer of the future, then this online platform can help you enrich your skills and get certificates for what you have learned
  • Alison: With the co-operation of Microsoft and the University of Cambridge, over eight hundred free courses are offered online for those who are interested.