History of public libraries in canada

Researching, gaining qualitative information and then debating on the knowledge gained is among Canadian habits. Therefore, it is quite important for people of Canada to be able to use public libraries regularly.

In Canada, public libraries serve as pieces of oasis for curiosity-driven and research-oriented people among the fully booked schedules and rush hours of urban life. Answering to this demand, Canadian public libraries host awe-inspiring literature and art events while welcoming all their members to pay a visit to the diverse exhibitions that they are hosting.

Canadian libraries offer a broad range of collections from which you can learn almost everything from sports to astronomy and you could even learn how to play casino games and gain money out of these popular games. Because of this, they are frequently visited in Canada. Here is a list of short descriptions on the history of most popular public libraries in Canada.

Re-Discovering the History of Public Libraries in Canada

All public libraries in Canada bring along an interesting story from history. Here is a short list of public libraries of Canada and their historical backgrounds:

  • Vancouver Public Library Central Branch, British Columbia

The exterior design of the building resembles pretty much Colosseum in Rome. The history of this library goes back to 1869 although the Central branch moved to its current location only by 1957.

Vancouver Public Library was first established as a room and a small library for mill employees where the area’s first sawmill was built. Especially after the 1990s, the Vancouver Public Library has expanded enormously. Currently, it consists of 22 branches at different locations.

  • Halifax Central Library, Nova Scotia

The most touching historical story belongs to this library since it has been dedicated to Canadian soldiers who had died during 1914-18 and 1939-45. A committee formed out of local groups, local powerful figures, politicians, and businessmen decided to establish this library in 1945.

The library itself would be serving as a war memorial while inviting the public to come and see the books of remembrance, plaques, murals, cornerstones, and flags. All history lays beneath the resources of Halifax Central Library.

  • Library of Parliament, Ontario

This library is so old that its roots lie in the 1790s with the creation of the legislative libraries of Upper and Lower Canada. The construction of the current Library of Parliament started in 1859 and the collection of books and documents arrived there in 1866. Between 1861 to 1876, 47 thousand volumes had added to this magnificent library. Known to be one of the oldest libraries in Canada, Library of Parliament stands alone as a historical monument with its interior design and heritage

  • Grande Bibliothèque, Montreal

Being one of the oldest modern libraries of Canada, Grande Bibliothèque fully opened in October 2002. Since then it serves the public with four million works.