How to become a librarian

People’s opinions are formed out of what they think they know. Managing people’s knowledge and the daily information that they are receiving from the outside world can make a great impact on knowledge management.

In an era which almost all daily practices are turning into digital applications, knowledge managers are also adapting themselves to the demands and necessities of this transformation. The most prominent knowledge management role is held by modern librarians. All modern libraries in Canada are equipped with the latest digital technology that connects library members with the rest of the globe instantly.

The information that is shared and made public by the global community can be accessible with the help of librarians. Therefore, becoming a librarian can be considered as a fulfilling role which controls who reaches which information and how. Because of this reason, becoming a librarian is extremely important for the rest of society in terms of assisting people in attaining accurate information in the most efficient way possible.

Learn How to Become a Librarian

Becoming a librarian can create more learning opportunities for those who are interested in research, literature, history, geography, and linguistics. Here are some basic steps that each candidate-librarian should follow to create the best career path for themselves.

  • Research and Understand What Library Science is

Library science enables people to learn how to create catalogs for the library’s database, how to develop taxonomies to organize the relevant data, how to monitor the latest condition of the new and old collections, how to implement new skills for further research and reference questions. In addition to all these skills, library science encourages people to learn how to facilitate educational programs for library users including kids. Ordering new books and helping library users with digital library interface are also among the skills that are taught in a library science degree course.

  • Research About Different Types of Librarians:

Becoming a librarian is not easy but deciding on what type of librarian one should become is even more difficult. Librarians working at public schools, public libraries for adults and kids, university libraries, research centers, digital publishers or academic institutions differ from each other. Learning which type suits people best may help candidate-librarians immensely.

  • Get Your Library Science Degree

Attaining a bachelors degree in library science or information management can bring people the ideal jobs that they are seeking for as librarians.

Library Science Degrees and Programmes

Throughout Europe and Canada, there is a satisfying number of library degrees offered at bachelor and master level. Here is a short list of programs on becoming a librarian:

  • Library and Information Studies, University of British Columbia (Master)
  • Library and Information Science, University of Western Ontario (Master)
  • Library and Information Studies, University of Alberta (Master)
  • School of Information Management, Dalhousie University (Bachelor)
  • École de bibliothèconomie et des sciences de l’information, Université de Montréal (Bachelor)